Signing up for WordPress

If you want to contribute directly to the EMTAC website, at present that means that you will need to sign up for a WordPress account. It’s super-easy:
1) Follow this link:
2) Pick a username, password and pop in your email address.
3) Submit, go to your email account and confirm.
4) Email me to let me know that you have subscribed. I will add you as an author.

[ 1a) If you click on the “register” link on the website itself, you get a version of the log in page that also has an option to name your blog. Don’t be scared! Either you can decide to have a blog of your own, or you can click on the “sign up for just a user name” option. ]

The first post that you make will need to be approved, but subsequently they should go up automatically. Any post that you make will go chronologically on the home page of the site.

To post:
1) Click on the “New Post” button at the top of the page.
2) Put in a title, write to your heart’s content. You can do all of the usual bold, italics etc.
3) CLICK A CATEGORY – to the right hand side are some check-boxes that will make the post easier to search for. To date the categories are admin, events, news and requests. If you think that there should be something else please let me know and I can add it.
4) Click “Publish” (on the right hand side.) If you don’t do this what you’ve written will vanish. You can choose to save as a draft, and come back to the post later. You can also edit your own posts later on. To access your posts, either published or draft, click on “Posts” on the left hand side.
5) You won’t have access to the other pages and you won’t be able to edit other people’s posts, although you will be able to comment wherever commenting is allowed. If anyone would like access to these please let me know.

It’s fairly straight-forward but if anyone would like some help getting going then please drop me an email or give me a ring 07906 909559
If a few people want some help we could set up a mini workshop thing which I’m happy to run.


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