The next set of dates were decided tonight at EMTAC1. These are:

Thursday 14th April 2011
EMTAC Meeting. This is where we sort out organisational stuff. The agenda is up for grabs. Suggested agenda items so far:
1 Manifesto/policy/mission statement: what it is, who we are, how we express that.
2 EMTAC presentation nights – what are they called.
3 Membership criteria.
We won’t necessarily come to finished conclusions about these subjects but we will be looking to bring forward ideas and thoughts from all members that can contribute to our identity.

If you have ideas to add to the agenda or if you can’t attend but have points or contributions that you wish to be heard, then please email them to

Friday 20th May 2011
The next EMTAC performance night – hot on the blooming marvelous coat-tails of tonight. Julius Ayodeji and Andy Barrett are going to be curating the event. Submissions should be sent to

Venues and times for both occasions are to be confirmed, but they will be in the evening. Check your in-box. Make sure we aren’t junk.

We say we are “East Midlands”, so please circulate info about EMTAC to your colleagues across the region. The suggestion brought up tonight about presenting work and having meetings in other areas is really important if we are to properly represent the East Midlands.

Very best wishes, and thanks for a great EMTAC1.

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