EMTAC1, from Tanya Myers

Dear Friends.

Thankyou for a fascinating evening last Friday.
I feel slightly embarrassed to admit I’d forgotten- forgotten that all theatre involves rules – even if they are rules created to be broken.

By rules – I mean here – the shared intentions and common purpose- (often unspoken) – of a game being shared/played by people in time and place: The language of the playground and sport and rehearsal rooms –
Rules – to meet or break an audience’s expectations .
Rules – we share when creating common ‘performance reality’
Shared Rules  to establish common understanding – so that the game to be played can be equal and accessible to all –
Rules can be such contentious things!
When I asked our generous friends – to each ‘read’  a character- for ‘Inside Out of Mind – I gave them no shared motive or understanding other than ‘do as directed!’ one of the oldest and most horrible directorial sins in the book!

But you were great!- thankyou –
A wonderful evening and such generosity of spirit –
Though I did not serve well my written work in this situation-
It did surface questions for clarification –
As a writer I am new and ready to learn.
As a performer I have experience and am very happy to learn and share.

Was our evening intended for presentation?
It became perfromance didn’t it – whether intended or not –
Did it require preparation?
I would say last Friday – yes it did.
Based on last Friday – for the future –  I will think more about ‘audience’ and the ‘performance aspect’ –
Is this inevitable?

I’m sure each meeting will reveal and deliver new questions and realizations…..out of our diversity and search for unity…

I look forward to future evenings; to creating new games, realities, structures within which we find new freedoms…
I want to understand your creative intention so that together we can most effectively realise each others visions.
I look forward to exploring  different methodologies –
Look forward to supporting Dominic with his ideas on our next….. I’ve just noticed…..there we are … we’ve called it … a performance evening!

Sadly for me – I can’t be there 14th April – I’m in France.
No internet for 2 weeks either. But will be there in spirit –
And there for the 20th May; ready and happy to support in any way I can.

Love to all Tan xxx

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