Theatre Writing Partnership is looking to light the touch paper under another raft of great new theatre shows by offering bursaries, which allow theatre writers (or theatre writers and collaborators) based in the East Midlands to make a journey which will inform a new piece of work.

In offering these bursaries during these lean times we hope to support theatre writers and those who work with them, by meeting the costs or some of the costs of a research trip which they wouldn’t be able to make otherwise.

The journey may or may not be to a distant place. The route or means of transport may be more important than the destination. The destination may be a source of research or the making of the journey could be an experiential research process in itself. If journeying presents a particular physical or emotional challenge then addressing this challenge may be at the heart of the proposal.

The bursaries will be used to cover:

• all or part of the costs of making a journey
• writing/creative time to develop an idea for a script or a new piece of text-based theatre
• attendance at three creative meeting

  • making a presentation about the idea for a new theatre piece at a sharing event

In offering these bursaries TWP is looking to consolidate its legacy of developing new work for theatre and nurturing and supporting talented theatre writers. We want to support East Midlands writers with a proven commitment to theatre writing and a track record which demonstrates this commitment. We hope that the ideas we support will eventually reach audiences and so we are looking for proposals with drive, focus and a commitment to seeing the proposal through. TWP will work with producing partners/theatre venues to support the bursary programme, acting as a broker between artists and producers where appropriate.

We expect to offer around 6 bursaries to writers at different stages in their careers; some new, some established and some emerging. Overall we would like the group of projects we support to include:
• diversity – culturally and in form and content
• beautiful and powerful writing
• a strong sense of the here and now; socially and politically.
• creative use of social, pervasive or interactive media
• surprise
• risk

To download an information pack and apply for this opportunity please click here.

Deadline: Sunday 13 November

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