The East Midlands is home to a vibrant mix of independent practitioners who are the lifeblood of the theatre sector regionally and beyond.

EMTAC is a forum for these individuals and (in no particular order)aims to:
1.    Share and debate knowledge, practice and experience
2.    Share, generate and make work ourselves
3.    Share skills and resources
4.    Advocate for freelance theatre artists on arts and theatre policy.

EMTAC is for individual practitioners rather than companies or organisations.  However, we realise some members of our group may also work for organisations.  All EMTAC members participate equitably and as such, are responsible for its running.

You can become a member of EMTAC by declaring yourself to be one.  Our group includes actors, directors, writers, producers, composers, stage managers and designers. A list of members will be posted on the website.

To join, please email info@emtac.org.uk

EMTAC is in the process of creating more information about how it wants to proceed, who members are, what it aims to achieve. All members can be a part of that debate. Our next meeting on the evening of April 14th aims to start that process.

2 Responses to Home

  1. joolsayodeji says:

    option 1a for me. I would also have liked to re-order the four points so 2,3, 1, 4

  2. Just to add that the April 14th meeting will be in Nottingham at a venue to be confirmed. We will be contacting members shortly with full details.

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